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I'm a singer/songwriter from a small town in Illinois. Growing up on a farm listening to the classic country troubadours provides the basis for most of my songs. I really began getting into country music in the late 80's and early 90's. 


My father, Jack Neuman was a massive influence on me. He would sit in front of the radio and play along to whatever came on. Some nights it was country, some nights it was gospel. He always said though, "if it's got a good beat, I'll listen all the way through". That stuck with me as my influences ranged from artists like George Strait, to the L.A. sounds of hair metal and beyond.  

I love playing music for people. I am confident that is what my purpose in life is to be. To see people I don't know by name jamming along to the songs I get to play on stage is a joy that I carry deep in my soul. To get to do it on a small stage as a solo performer, or with the comfort of my mates in the band, my sole purpose is making a connection with the audience.

My hope is that my songs get to touch as many people as possible. I hope you all give my songs a listen and find a line or two that connect with you. I love what I do and without a doubt, could not do this without the love and support from my beautiful wife and daughters.

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