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My Bands

I am fortunate enough to play with some super talented individuals, and together, we do our best to make people sing and dance along. Check em out! Hit the "CONTACT" button and send me a message for availability.

Country Summer

Country Summer is a pop country cover band that specializes in full dance floors and fun for all ages. Check out the website for more details.

Country Summer Logo.jpeg

Tim Neuman & The Copper Stills

Tim Neuman & The Copper Stills is a no nonsense, play it loud and fun band that prides itself on giving the audience the best country music, with a few curve balls every now and then. Follow them on Instagram.

n 5-01.jpg

10th of Never

If you're looking for a Rock Band to play and don't know who might fit the bill, we are probably the answer! From Blink 182 to Rick Springfield and Backstreet Boys to your favorite 90's bands, we have it...and will bring it!!

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