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Entry 3

Well, entry 3 is a good one! I had the privilege to perform at Joe's Grille in Westfield on Friday. Brian Fields again joined me on drums and killed it!! For what might be the last time for a while, I got to play with the inoperable Aaryn Martin (guitar) and Joe Schweitzer (bass) before they head off to do what they do best. Aaryn is off to join his band mates backing Elvie Shane on his first tour in support of the new album "Backslider". GO CHECK IT OUT!!! Joe is just a couple weeks away from heading to Nashville to test his musical chops in the one and only Music City USA. Join me please in wishing them the best! You are both pros, and great friends!

On Saturday, I played my first show at a brand new venue for me. Indianapolis has a new development that took over the old Coca-Cola bottling campus. The "Bottleworks District" is its own little community. What a sight!!! I was asked to perform at the Living Room Lounge which is an upscale waiting room and concession stand for a movie theater. I had no clue that something like this even existed!! BUUUUT....IT DOES!!! AND.....IT'S AWESOME!!!


Good food while you wait...check!

Great staff....check!

I can't wait to go back there in February for my second appearance there. The managers seemed pleased, and the people were in great moods and very interactive. I love it when I can make a connection, and play tunes that people want to hear. That's what keeps me engaged, and waiting patiently for a return.

This week should be fun! Friday I play at one of my favorite spots. The Bridgewater Club has become a favorite.

Saturday, I'm with my mates Country Summer as we make our first Ale Emporium Fishers appearance of 2022.

Until I see ya again, take care of yourselves and each other!


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