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Entry 8

Well...this one's gonna be interesting. You'll have to keep reading to see why.

I made my return to Klooz Brewz on the 10th. Because the weather seems to have finally broken on the warmer side, they took the winter windows off the Terrace and I was able to enjoy the outdoor, downtown Lebanon vibe that I love so much. While the crowd was lighter than we like to see, it was still humbling to have the people that came, come. Large or small, I'm blessed and honored to get to do what I do for a living. It's made even more special when my kids get to see me perform. They might not think it's "cool" now, but they will have these memories of their Father and hopefully, tell their kids, "Your Grampa was AWESOME".

The 11th had some fun stuff too! I got together with Cole and Brian, the bass player and drummer for Tim Neuman & The Copper Stills to rehearse some tunes we've been working on...stay tuned later on in the blog to see how they worked! We'll play many of them for the first time this coming weekend.

My good friend Breezey Fox, from the band Indy Annies stopped by with her band. They'd been having problems with their in-ear monitor (IEM) mix for a while. She knows I've used them for a few years now, and they were at a loss as to how to get it to work for them. I proposed they set up in the barn with me and let me work through their problems, and hopefully give them a shot at having a better experience. I think we were able to find some "ah-ha" moments, and going forward, they should be better off than they were. Love them and wish em all the best!! You should find em here.

Thursday the 12th, I did my first of what I hope to be many Patio Thursdays at That Sports Bar. The idea was to bring a fellow musician, someone with whom I don't get to play with either ever,

or very often. For the first one, I wanted to stay super local, and invited my good friend and local lawyer and outlaw, Davey Avenatti. Man!! We had a BALL!! Swapping songs, telling stories, taking requests, just having a great evening doing what we love to do. At times it felt like the old VH1 Storytellers!!

Friday night I brought Tim Neuman & The Copper Stills back to That Sports Bar for a fun night on

their patio. The place got full as the night went along and we had a BALL!! I maintain that in my

little town, it's the best patio!!

Saturday, me and The Stills popped down to Speedway and played an intimate set for a bunch of track workers. The Month of May in Speedway is a MAGICAL time with the Indy 500 just on the horizon. The multi-talented Larry "Larz" May joined us for the night, and proved once again, he's a BEAST of a player!

Sunday was a full day with a solo show at the World Famous Rathskeller in the Biergarten. I had a blast playing my tunes to the Sunday afternoon crowd. I'm still marveled by the venue. It's absolutely one of the best spots to play on a warm Sunday afternoon!!

So one thing that has changed for the positive, I am now a...


I recently reached out to Gone Country Hats and after an email and a call, we agreed that having me be in their family of artists, was a GREAT IDEA!!! So, if you're interested in any of the hats you start seeing me wear, I GOT THE HOOKUP!!!

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