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Entry 6

Sorry for the delay in the delivery of Entry 6. To be honest, sometimes I fight bouts of depression and anxiety. Unfortunately that Demon got the better of me. I didn't feel like posting anything, even though the gigs were fun and exciting and absolutely worth revisiting. We all have things we deal with in our own way, and unfortunately, I tend to recoil and look inward for a while. Thanks for your patience...I'm sure you all have been anxiously awaiting the new post...HA!

Since my last post, Country Summer went out and played a back to back Friday/Saturday at Britton Tavern and The Free Spirit. Both shows were bangers!! Again, Steve Hurt with Floodstage Sound helped us with production and he proves again, he's one of the best. We still miss our Curt Phelps, and wait for his return. Until then, Steve is more than capable of putting our best foot forward. The Friday show at Britton was great!! We played the new tunes again and they all went awesome! The crowd was with us from the beginning all the way to the end! Britton is one of the bigger indoor venues we get to play, and it's always humbling to see how well we draw and maintain a crowd for the bartenders and wait staff. Dancers, sing-alongers (is that a word?) sit and watchers, they all came out!!

Saturday night, we walked into The Free Spirit to load in, and there was a MASSIVE birthday party going on. It was a little hard to get set up, but we made the best of a cramped situation. As we came to find out a friend/fan of Country Summer named Duane was celebrating his birthday with roughly 40 of his family and friends. He actually moved his party to attend our show!! What a blessing it is to have people like him and his party come celebrate with us!! Again ,we had singers, dancers and listeners hanging on every kick drum hit. Boots were scooted all over that place all night long! We are finally becoming the attraction I'd hoped we would become! I'm blessed to play with the individuals that make this band up. We were also blessed with the presence of my awesome wife Robin. She jumped up and sang with Dalhia for a tune, and as always, she delivered! About an hour into the night, I was taken by surprise by the arrival of some close friends from Lebanon! How awesome it is to do what I do and be followed by some truly nice and fun people. I can't do this without people like them. Jason Hardy made a cameo as well. He's another one of those genuine people...people I respect and admire. Bless you for all your support of so many Jason.

This past Friday, I was honored to play again at The Bottleworks District at the Living Room Lounge. I met some great people there and hope to return another day in a domestic capacity. I should really get a date night down there. It's a one stop shop for night time fun...dinner, a movie, post movie drinks and nightlife. What an asset!!

On Saturday, I had all kinds of anxiety, not knowing what to expect. I took The Stills to the Word Famous Rathskeller Resteraunt in downtown Indy. This was the first time we played with this group as a trio, where our compensation was reliant completely on the cover charges!! Nerve racking!!!! The whole day, I was concerned...will we draw...will it be a bust...I just didn't know. I sent text messages, updated social media, made phone calls...I wonder if this is how it used to be. All my nerves were calmed as I saw friend after friend come through the door. The Ballroom there is intimidating as it regularly hosts receptions and corporate events with hundreds of people. While we didn't come CLOSE to filling the venue, it was filled with support from some of the greatest people I know. I even ran into an old work colleague who brought some of her family!! What an honor it was to perform for everyone. Ricky Gregory, if you read this...thanks for all you do! I was again blessed with the vocal and crowd pleasing notes from Robin as she tore down the house for a couple tunes! Terry made an appearance!! I hadn't seen him in over a year!! I think he and Jason made fast friends! Just look at the table carnage that ensued.

This weekend is going to be a little more toned down as on Friday, I return to The Rathskeller for an intimate performance at the KellerBar. I love playing there!! Saturday, I play STEAK NIGHT at The Bridgewater Club. I will be there crooning with a watering mouth for sure!! Sunday marks another "New Song" install day for Country Summer. I should jump off here and get prepped. Cole is coming by the house to run guitar parts soon, and I should really get the studio ready for that. Until next time, take care everyone!!

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