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Entry 7 in life, I fail more than I succeed. I set out to write a blog on a weekly basis, and clearly, I did not succeed in this endeavor. However, just as in life, we can pick up, dust off, and start again. While I won't commit to a weekly update, I will try to set aside time to do this more often. Even if no one outside of me reads this, it's good to document things along this journey of life.

Since my last entry, Ive been busy working on new songs, adding shows, leaning new recording skills, and honestly, fighting the worst allergy season of my entire life!! I am told, I am not alone in this struggle this year, so I guess we do what we can and move on right?

Country Summer had some fun shows in March and April including another St Paddy's party at the Free Spirit. The place was packed and we had a BALL!!

Great crowd and a FUN St Paddy's Kickoff!!

Oh Alice!! What were you doing on your phone???

On St Paddy's Day I took my band Tim Neuman & The Copper Stills to my hometown hangout That Sports Bar to play the first event on their brand new patio!! What a transformation and what a great night. As I scour the "socials" I am failing to find a picture...oops. #fail

I took The Stills with me to make a return to McGilvery's in Speedway. For over a year and a half, I would pop in there for Live Music Mondays, and it was so nice to go back and perform there post COVID and after they completely renovated the bar. What a transformation!!!

We were joined by Larry "Larz" May on guitar that night...he's STILL got it!!

I took off a week to spend my daughter's spring break in Washington with my sister, who I haven't seen since Mom passed away a couple years ago. I gotta say, you never realize how much you miss your sister until you see her again, and then have to say goodbye AGAIN! Love you sissy!!

After vacation, we were back at it with Stills and Summer gigs along with a couple solo shows, but overall, Q1 of '22 was the warmup. Q2 has begun and it's about to get BUSY!! Big shows, little shows, Public shows and Private Events headline the next couple months. Appearances at Festivals, "Boone County SummerFest 22", of which I am one of the organizers and a couple weddings highlight what's coming. YIKES!! Get ready!!

Oh yeah!!! I almost forgot! I was honored to be the first performer for the year at Ruoff Music Center in Noblesville in the VIP area leading up to Carly Pearce and the one and only KENNY CHESNEY!!! Yup!! MEEEEE!!!! Special shout out to Lisa Sauce and Blonde Entertainment for the opportunity!

Anyways...Thanks for reading this far. If you wanna see me play solo or with one of my bands, click the Schedule tab...chances are I'm somewhere close! Until next time...take care of yourself, and each other!

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