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Entry 5

Well, we had some great weather for cancelling shows this week. 12 plus inches of snow can put us in a little bit of a pickle and cause places to close and cancel appearances. But, all things considered, maybe I just needed the break.

Friday, I was supposed to head south and play at Cedar Creek Winery in Martinsville. I always look forward to performing there, but it wasn't in the cards this time around. I did get to go out and play in the snow with my Ranger and plow. It's always a good time when I get to push some snow around. After plowing my driveway and barn area, I slipped over to a couple neighbors homes and helped them get cleaned up. Then I popped over to my father-in-laws house and did his driveway so he could get out if he needed to. We didn't have a white Christmas, but we sure had a good amount of snow this week.

Saturday, I got to take out The Copper Stills trio to a new venue for us. Parks Place Pub in Fishers, IN was a fun spot to play. We were blessed with some friends popping by, and even had Dalhia Sky (see pic) from Country Summer pop in to sing a tune with us. She's always a crowd fav, and she even snuck her hubby in for a visit as well. The MVP had to be Cole's (Bass Player) mom. For some reason I didn't have my speaker pole in the bag. I thought I was about to cry!! She came to the rescue with a speaker pole so we could do the show! Thanks Helen!! The crowd was great and super generous. We even were able to knock out some requests...a couple we'd never done too!! Gotta love Nashville rehearsals on a live stage!

Oh well, on to the next! This weekend we take Country Summer out for a pair of shows. Friday, we head back to Britton Tavern at 10pm and Saturday, back to our NYE spot, Free Spirit at 9p. With Curt Phelps still out for a bit, I m getting sound support from my good friend Steve Hurt. We're gonna throw down with some new tunes we worked up yesterday at rehearsal. When we are in song add mode, it's awesome!! We're renewed with enthusiasm to perform them in front of a live audience. I'm so proud of this band and what we've accomplished thus far. I am blessed!

Until next time, we'll see ya down the road!

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