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Entry 4

Well, the shows this weekend went swimmingly!! Hey!! No squiggly lines so far. I must be getting better at this spelling thing.

Friday night was pretty low key, but still fun! I played a solo show at The Bridgewater in their bar. I never know what kind of show it's going to be there. Sometimes it's request after request, and some times it's a little more laid back. This night was the laid back variety. I played more mellow hits and even snuck in a couple of my originals because, well, I had the microphone. All in all, I had a blast, and can't wait to get back there in February.

Saturday was a night to remember though! Country Summer put on an absolute clinic in fun. People were dancing from the downbeat, and stayed for the whole night! We had the talented and lovely Maria Diebolt step up and grab a verse and a chorus of a tune. She's incredible!!! Check her out on IG under and see what I mean! We played the new tunes we worked on and they all went great! The one and only Alex Camp popped in as well as a cameo by Joe Hess and at the end, even Mindy Winkler from Hank FM radio popped in to say hello. We'll be back to Ale Emporium in Fishers in a couple months, and can't wait to see who comes then!!

Until next time, take care of yourselves, and each other, and we'll see ya down the road!

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